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Welcome to Global Crew


Global Crew comes with a track record of success in both the commercial and residential building sector, backed by nearly 40years experience.

Global Crew is run by Phil Ayre who specialises in light commercial construction, technical renovations and labour resourcing. At Global Crew we understand that with the right programming, methodology, accurate quantity surveying and the right labour resources, we deliver every job, on time, every time.

It makes sense to look at feasibility, design and construction together. By working with Global Crew in the early stage of a project, we can test expectations, eliminate costs, risks and create efficiency and value for our clients.

Why Us?

What makes Global Crew different from other construction companies? 

At Global Crew we:

  • Bring residential building background and knowledge to commercial construction.
  • Act as a ‘one stop shop’ for building owners, meeting all their construction requirements
  • Manage efficient contract negotiations
  • Deliver true project management skills based on knowledge
  • Access to range of specialists who can deal with the obscure and difficult building sites
  • Deliver high quality skilled labour 
  • Retain a friendship and bond with owners and developers through major projects, empowering them with the truth, and the right solution.

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